ADAS Calibration

Mobile Calibration in Connecticut / New Haven & Fairfield

Automobile Windshield Replacement & Accurate Calibration - One Call Does It All

Having your windshield replaced will require your vehicle's ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) calibrated. Windshield mounted ADAS cameras and sensors will have been moved during the replacement process. In order for these systems to operate correctly they will need to be calibrated.

Formerly, calibration could only be performed at dealerships, but A & A Windshields keeps up to date on windshield-related technology and have the means to calibrate ADAS on location or in our shop in Shelton, CT. Choose A & A Windshields and conveniently get your ADAS calibrated after we replace your windshield!

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Calibration for ADAS in Shelton, New Haven and Fairfield, CT
ADAS calibration in New Haven and Fairfield counties